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Come See North Carolina

North Carolina

North Carolina
Costal Plain
Famous North Carolinians

"The Old North State"


North Carolina facts:

Nickname: "The Great North State" and "The Tarheel State"

Beverage: milk

Bird: Cardinal

Colors: red and blue

Dog: Plott Hound

Fish: Channel Bass

Flower: Dogwood

Historic Boat: Shad Boast

Insect: Honeybee

Mammal: Grey Squirrel

Motto: "To be better than to seem"

Prescious Stone: Emerald

Reptile: Eastern Box Turtle

Rock: granite

Shell: Scotch Bonnet

Song: "The Old North State"

Tree: longleaf pine

Vegetable: sweet potato

Other intersting things to know

Even though North Carolina is located in a warm temperate zone, its diverse regions can experience a variety of weather conditions. While locations in the mountains may see average temperatures of 30 degrees Fahrenheit in January and 65 degrees Fahrenheit in August, locations in the coastal plains can often experience January averages in the mid 40's and August averages in the 90's. The state averages 44 inches of rainfall each year, and 5 inches of snow.

Capital: Raleigh
Population: (2001 Census Bureau Estimate) 8,186,268
Rank in Population: 11th
Area: 48,718 square miles
Rank in Area: 29th
Largest County (Population): Mecklenburg (716,407 people in 2001)
Largest County (Area): Robeson (948.9 square miles)
Entered the Union: November 21, 1789 (12th state)


This is the State Seal of North Carolina.

North Carolina Tourism